Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Some of my best memories from visiting friends in Vermont:

+ eating puposas + drinking horchata @ the local farmer's market {where I was known as "Jan"}.

+ hiking through the woods, fighting off bugs.

+ a DARK{pitch black} night walk ending in a field of glowing fireflies {or as I call them "lightening bugs"} and star gazing.

+ a delicious dinner grilling out featuring rhubarb lamb meatballs, grilled kale, peaches, and strong rhubarb cocktails.

+ a 3 hour Italian dinner with delicious wine and conversation. 

+ late night rounds of singing and guitar playing from my friends, including a duet of "Jackson".

more photos tomorrow...


  1. Oh my gosh! Your photography is so peculiar and irresistible.
    I just adore your work and your blog.

  2. these are such beautiful memories.

  3. that "jan" things makes me laugh. i always introduce myself as jennifer even though i prefer jen. people always seem to hear jan instead of jen and then i feel bad correcting them. love your blog, your photography and the little glimpse of the world through your eyes.

  4. It all sounds/looks so magical. This just makes me ache for a trip.

  5. I go to school in Vermont and these are making me so excited to head back in just a couple of months. Love love love your blog!